Thursday, 22 October 2015

Music Retreat Saturday, Oct. 24-25

Our annual Music Retreat is happening this Saturday!  If you have paid and registered, please meet at the front of the school at 7:30 AM on Saturday so we can load the busses and be on our way for 7:45.  Please limit yourself to one bag only since there will be limited space on the bus.

Below are the Retreat Groups and Leaders for some of our activities:

Group 1
Leaders – Julia, Danielle and Remy
Tess Alksnis
Cameron Allan
Rachel Allan
Kate Allday
Emily Barber
Natalia Tucciarone
Daniel Concha
Kristen Dion
Louise Dean

Group 2
Leaders – Erica and Ragini
Jamie Kim
Colin Koncz
Mika Kwiecinski
Lexi Maharaj
Connor McDonald
Liam Scalena
Eric Morden
Niahm Willis
Ashleigh Middleton
Sydney Nicholls
Charlotte Walker

Group 3
Leaders – Emily W and Celeste
Danielle Lim
Orlando Mackenzie
Ethan Smith
Adam Spollen
Warren Star
Adam Switzer
Autumn Tomlinson
Luke Lui
Michael Zhang

Group 4
Leaders – Konstantin and Ben
Stevie Gallow
Mohit Kapur
Daniel Duffin
Omid Erfani
Aidan Feildhouse
Anna Laird
Yi Nuo Liu
Andie Zuk
Sabrina Jiang

Josh Nistor

Here is a list of cabins for Saturday Evening:

Room #1  FEMALE
1.       Remylee  Agbuya
2.       Tess Alksnis
3.       Cameron Allan
4.       Katie Allday
5.       Emily Barber
6.       Julia Lewis
7.       Niamh Willis
8.       Natalia Tucciarone
9.       Ragini Singh
10.   Sydney Nicholls
11.   Danielle Harris
12.   Erica Zilli
13.   Andi Zuk
14.   Charlotte Fulcher
15.   Kristen Dion

Room # 2 FEMALE
1.       Rachel Allan
2.       Louise Dean
3.       Danielle Lim
4.       Lexi Maharaj
5.       Ashleigh Middleton
6.       Celeste Nantel
7.       Autumn Tomlinson
8.       Emily Walsh
9.       Orlando Mackenzie
10.   Anna Laird
11.   Yi Nuo Liu
12.   Sabrinia Jiang
Room #4 MALE
1.       Daniel Concha
2.       Daniel Duffin
3.       Omid Erfani
4.       Eric Morden
5.       Aidan Fieldhouse
6.       Mika Kwiencinski
7.       Connor Mcdonald
8.       Ethan Smith
9.       Adam Spollen
10.   Adam Switzer
11.   Michael Zhang
12.   Warren Star
13.   Luke Liu
Room #5 MALE
1.       Stephan Gallow
2.       Ben Jarvis-Frain
3.       Mohit Kapur
4.       Jamie Kim
5.       Konstantin Lenz
6.       Josh Nistor
7.       Liam Scalena
8.       Colin Koncz

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