Monday, 16 May 2016

Concert Call Times for Thursday, May 26th

“May Melodies” Call Times for Thursday, May 26th
Period 3B, G. 9 Instrumental                        6:00
Jamie Kim and Ben Xu                                 6:30
Period 3A, G. 9 Instrumental                        6:35
Grade 9 Vocal                                                6:55
Grade 11 and 12 Instrumental class            7:15
Concert Band                                                7:30
Vocal Jazz Ensemble                                    7:40
Jr. Jazz                                                          7:50
Concert Choir                                               8:00
Sr. Jazz                                                          8:20
Wind Ensemble                                             8:30

Please meet at your call time in the Cafeteria NOT the Music Room and Sign in with Ms. McRae, Ms. Hsu or Mr. Wilford.  If your parents arrive at the concert before your call time you may wait in the Cafeteria until your time.  Unless you are about to perform or on the Music Council no one is to be in the Music room in order to help things run smoothly.  When you are finished performing, return your instruments to the Music room.  If you are playing in another group return to the Cafeteria for your next call time. 

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