Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Section Leaders and Sectionals

We will be beginning sectionals this week in order to help individual sections learn their parts and build cohesiveness within the sections.

1.  Sectionals take place Wednesday mornings from 7:30-8:00
2.  You should be in your seat, set up and ready to play for 7:30
3.  Anyone not attending a sectional must book an individual time to play their parts for Mr. Clarke
4.  Sectionals will be run by section leaders with the assistance of Mr. Clarke when it is needed.

Our section leaders for this year are:

Flutes - Anna Laird
Clarinets - Harry Zou
Saxes - Ben Jarvis Frain
Trumpets - Will Leathers
Low Brass, Low Woodwinds and Bass - Keenan Qin
Percussion - Josh Nistor

Sectional Dates

Oct. 19th - Flutes (room 166)
Oct. 26th - Clarinet (room 166) 
Nov. 2 - Trumpet
Nov. 9th - Saxes no Bari
Nov. 16th - Low Brass, Low Woodwinds and Bass
Nov. 23 - Percussion
Nov. 30 - Flutes
Nov. Dec. 7 - Clarinets

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